Poll: addressing the gender gap

Written by: Jon Excell
Published on: 10 Oct 2016

Today is Ada Lovelace day, an annual celebration of women in STEM named after a figure widely regarded as the world’s first computer programmer.

There’s little doubt that the representation of women in engineering has moved on a bit since Ada’s day: her work on Babbage’s analytical engine took place back in the 1840’s, almost 80 years before women were allowed to vote.

But there’s still a long way to go, particularly in the UK, which has the lowest proportion of female engineers anywhere in Europe.

As we’ve frequently reported, there are many important reasons for addressing this disparity. Studies and practical experience illustrate that diverse teams are more productive, more innovative, and better equipped to overcome challenges.

But perhaps even more critically, with the skills gap continuing to bite it’s vital that industry engages with the entire population. Indeed, according to a report quoted in our latest feature on the topic gender parity in UK engineering could boost UK GDP per capita by 7 per cent.

With so much to play for, which of the following do you think represents the best way to increase the proportion of female engineers in the UK

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