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  • 90 glorious years of engineering
    Today is Her Majesty the Queen’s 90th birthday. As the longest reigning British monarch, the Queen has experienced over 64 years at the helm of Great Britain.
  • Our anonymous blogger wonders whether the shortage of skilled engineers has forced recruitment agencies to up their game.
  • The Shell Eco-marathon embodies the innovation that young would-be engineers need to succeed in the field, says the chief executive of EngineeringUK.
  • The entire global automotive industry knows how to get to Helmond, a town in the South-eastern part of the Netherlands. Right here, on the Automotive Campus, the Dutch research organisation TNO helps to make vehicles safer and cleaner. For instance, by allowing cars to communicate with each other...
  • Engineering firms of all sizes frequently report difficulties recruiting suitably skilled staff, especially in niche areas. Sometimes this means struggling to find people with the right experience; other times it might mean not getting any applications at all. Jon Blaze, head of recruitment opera...
  • Employers have a very important role to play in delivering the careers information and inspiration needed in schools
  • The Paul Jackson Column: Engineering has been shown to have a significant, positive effect not only on the economy but also on individuals’ lives
  • Laurence Kemball-Cook, entrepreneur and inventor of the Pavegen tile that generates electricity from footsteps, explains why he had to break the rules to get his company off the ground.
  • You can start to build the skills you’ll need to get to the top even before you leave university, says Shaun Simmons, managing director of engineering at Cordant Recruitment.
  • A chartered engineer, David Falzani is president of Sainsbury Management Fellows (SMF) which was founded over 25 years ago by Lord Sainsbury to encourage better management skills in UK engineering. David is also chief executive of Polaris Associates which helps entrepreneurial companies develop a...