Centre for Process Innovation

Contact: Miss Laura O'Donnell

Wilton Centre
Wilton, Redcar
TS10 4RF
United Kingdom

Tel: 01642 447326

About Centre for Process Innovation

CPI helps companies to develop, prove and commercialise the next generation of products, processes and services. We enable ideas, research and knowledge to be translated into commercial business propositions by providing the facilities and technical expertise to help companies overcome their innovation challenges. 

We are looking to engage with professionals with a track record of high quality decision making, service delivery and leadership.  Individuals with a proven ability to influence and utilise networks to facilitate innovation through meaningful collaboration.  Individuals who continuously develop themselves to remain at the top of their game and inspire those around them.  

Our people must be visionaries who, like us, have the foresight to recognise how science can help society, and work in a way which respects safety and the environment to protect our team and our surroundings.

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