Cabot Carbon Limited

The Cabot Corporation is a $1.5+ billion global speciality chemicals company, based in Boston, USA and operating in 23 countries. Primary products are carbon black, fumed silica, inkjet colorants, plastic masterbatch, and oilfield drilling fluids and tantalum capacitor materials. Situated in the Stanlow Industrial Complex in Ellesmere Port, Cabot Carbon Ltd. Manufactures carbon black an essential ingredient in the manufacture of tyres, industrial rubber products, inks, paints and plastics. The plant has a manufacturing capacity of approximately 100,000 tonnes of carbon black per year, much of which is sold to major tyre manufacturers in the UK and throughout Europe. Cabot Carbon Ltd. enjoys a positive relationship with, and reputation in, the communities surrounding Ellesmere Port and takes pride in conducting its operations in a manner protective of its employees, its community and the environment.

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