Euphorium Bakery

Euphorium Bakery quickly became famous for making as much as possible fresh from scratch every day (we still do by the way). Our lovely customers raved about outstanding cakes and pastries, the inspired choice of baked savouries and artisan hand-made breads. One food critic said our croissants were “iconic” whatever that means.
With many of the original bakery team still working under the first Upper Street Euphorium, we carry on the best of British baking. To this day, we use almost entirely seasonal, locally British-sourced ingredients, and authentic and organic produce. In fact our products are so fresh, we can’t tell you what the next bread of the day is going to be. Maybe you better come back and find out.

We only use 6 special ingredients, and two of those are imaginary...


When you bite into a slice of Euphorium bread, you might not appreciate that it was delivered that morning from our very own bakery where it emerged, newly risen, from an oven into which our bakers had placed the specially prepared dough, made from flour, water, yeast,

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