Senior Building Control Surveyor

04 May 2017
30 May 2017
Abby Holland
Contract Type
Full Time
The Role:

Provide a complete customer-focused Building Control service to ensure high standards safety in the construction of buildings across the Borough through compliance with Building regulations and undertaking enforcement duties.

Ensure the efficient administration of the building control services and where possible, maximise income generation.


1.Appraise independently, both building construction of all types in a specific area of the Borough to ensure compliance with statutory requirements and relevant Council policy. Assimilate and implement new legislation affecting building regulation.

2.Appraise and recommend a decision on plans and building work specifications submitted by applicants so as to ensure compliance with the statutory requirements and Council Policy.

3.Assist with the preparation of reports for approval to Executive, Legal and Administration Division of the Corporate & Customer Services Department and appropriate government offices.

4.Appraise new building materials to ensure suitability in the construction of buildings and compliance with statutory requirements.

5.Liaise and consult with other professionals and agencies within the construction community and advise members of the public on technical construction matters, building work and legislation in order to ensure compliance with building regulations.

6.Undertake and assist with the review, development and implementation of new processes, new legislation and more efficient and effective use of resources including the analysis of new building techniques and materials. Undertake team training in respect of changed processes and new legislation.

7.Operate and monitor the Building Control Quality Assurance Scheme, ISO 9001:2000, ensuring adherence to quality assurance procedures, reporting non-conformity and maintaining continuity of registration.

8.Assist in the marketing of Luton’s building control services and maintain good client relationships, seeking out and exploiting business opportunities for building control to ensure that fees are not lost and income maximised.

9.Maintain daily records to safeguard the Council and its staff against claims for negligence in carrying out the statutory function to include making complete and accurate records of all inspections carried out.


Supervisory Management: 1 x Assistant Building Control Surveyor

(Per area team) Value of controlled work per annum £150m
Fee income per annum £450,000
Approx number of inspections per year 8500
Number of applications per year (approx) 2000


Post will work within the building control section of the Planning Division, working closely with the Development Control Group and any other section of the Council involved in the development process so as to ensure that a co-ordinated approach is achieved. Approximately 75% of the postholder’s time will be expected to be involved with work outside the office on site inspections.

Postholder will need to;
- maintain a strong customer focus and provide a quality service to ensure repeat business and customer satisfaction,
- undertake continuous professional development and maintain membership of relevant professional body i.e. Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors and/or Association of Building Engineers, as appropriate,
- participate in both corporate and service initiatives e.g. Best Value, IIP, QA, performance appraisal scheme, complaints scheme, health and safety, equalities etc,
-undertake duties relating to the certification of Luton Town Football Club under the provisions of the Safety of Sports Grounds Act 1975 and associated legislation .
- impart this often complex technical information in a clear and concise way to non-technical members of the public demands excellent communication skills and high professional standards.

The Council has adopted a scheme of Performance Management and building control also works to Quality Assurance scheme. The job holder will ensure that the performance indicators that apply both to the post and to the team in which he / she works are achieved.

Essential Skills / Qualifications:
In-depth experience of Building Control work e.g. as Surveyor or equivalent position.

Member of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors OR equivalent qualification, plus evidence of continuing professional development.

Able to travel to different sites around the Borough (Frequency - daily)

Able to climb ladders and access/traverse limited spaces/ sites for visual inspections (Frequency - daily).

Able to advise, liaise and persuade a wide range of people from the public to professionals on complex Building Control matters.

Able to correctly interpret and apply complex and detailed building control legislation to a full range of buildings.

Able to carry out checks on a range of structural calculations.

Able to prepare technically sound reports and documentation.

Able to effectively manage a team and workoutputs, to meet targets, deadlines and to comply with all regulation.

Able to use PC based applications Word, Excel, Access (or equivalents)

Desirable Skills / Qualifications:
Some experience of supervising others

Some experience of working in a quality assured service

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