Design Manager


Job summary

SCS Railway
£60,000 - £69,999
Contract Type:
Full Time
Expiry Date:

About the job

Main Responsibilities

  • Design Review

You will undertake the review process for your assets in accordance with the programme. This includes progressive design reviews (Jour Fixe meetings) with relevant members of the SCS and HS2 teams along with any 3rd parties, review of the IDR submission of design deliverables, IDR reviews, review of the Final submission and comment close-out.
You will lead the resolution design issues and open comments.
You will reinforce the requirements for the wider SCS team to undertake their design

  • Design Assurance
    You will complete the assurance activities for each design package and liaise with the other SCS team members that have assurance responsibilities.
    You will coordinate the programme for L3 panels with the wider area team and lotwide.
  • Change Control
    You will manage design change for your assets. You will manage the change control process through Change Panel and instruction to Design House, assisting the Commercial team to gather inputs from the wider team.
  • Construction Interface
    You will liaise with the construction team and temporary works team and you will lead the resolution of any issues between those teams.
    You will ensure that the construction team complete their design-related deliverables, including the Constructability Reports for each design package.
  • Reporting
    You will gather information, data and status updates for regular reporting.
  • Programme
    You will manage the design programme and review and accept/reject programme variations for your assets.
    You will manage the interface between the design programme and follow-on activities by liaising with the SCS Planning Team.
  • Commercial
    You will lead management of early warnings and issue instruction to the Design House. Where required, you will attend the Risk Reduction Meetings are held, and ensure actions completed and issues resolved.
    You will also raise and respond to GCs to/from DH and HS2 as required.
  • Procurement
    You will ensure that your Design Managers liaise with the procurement team and meet the procurement programme for design information required.
  • CDM Reviews and Risk Register
    You will ensure you hold CDM risk reviews and manage CDM Risk Registers.
  • RFIs
    You will ensure that your Design Managers manage RFIs that relate to their assets, from Design House to SCS or HS2 and from SCS and other subcontractors to Design House.
  • Departures
    You will ensure that your Design Managers manage Departures that relate to their assets, gaining HS2 acceptance prior to signing off the affected design packages.
  • Assumptions

You will ensure that the Design House raise all relevant assumptions for your assets, that the assumptions are recorded with all relevant information and actions, that assumptions are reviewed as appropriate during the design lifecycle and critical assumptions are reviewed and agreed with the wider SCS and HS2 teams. It may be necessary to put design packages on hold if open assumptions are too high a risk to be acceptable to the project.

  • Project Risk
    You will ensure that you are reviewing the Project Risk Register for risks that are relevant to your assets and adding risks to the register as they occur.
  • Interfaces
    You will ensure that you manage the design interfaces with other HS2 contracts and 3rd parties, liaise with the SCS Interface Managers and manage the interface deliverables from Design House such as interface registers and interface control documents.
    You will take the lead to resolve any issues with interfacing parties for your assets.
  • Rebar Detailing
    You will ensure that you manage the rebar detailing designs for your assets in accordance with the SCS procedures and you will take the lead to resolve any issues between the design intent, the detailing and the construction team's requirements.
  • Consents
    You will ensure that you manage the review, approval and submission of consents deliverables that relate to your assets and liaise with the SCS Consents Team.
  • CAT 3
    You will ensure that you manage the interface between Design House and the CAT 3 checkers: provide them with early engagement and programme updates for CAT 3 submissions, meet the programme for CAT 3 submissions and manage the issue of comments between the two. You will lead on the resolution of issues where DH and the CAT 3 checker cannot come to agreement.

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