Instrumentation and Monitoring Manager

London (West)

Job summary

SCS Railway
Up to £10,000
Construction/Building Services
Contract Type:
Full Time
Expiry Date:

About the job

Key Responsibilities

· Develop and implement monitoring plans, programme, and procedures for installation, protection,

operation, maintenance and removal of equipment and instrumentation.

· Report on the possibility of using greater automation such as ATSs, and implement as necessary

· Manage all aspects of I&M, including closely managing the I&M subcontractor and all related

approvals with 3rd parties in line with the Third-Party Agreements by HS2.

· Supervise instrument installation, monitoring, calibration checks, calibration registers and

maintenance in accordance with the accepted Contractors specification and to ensure no delay to

construction activities.

· Ensure baseline readings are obtained in advance of construction, and that readings are taken at

the frequencies specified in the Contractors Monitoring Plan.

· Attend review meetings, and with the I&M Data Manager report against the agreed trigger levels.

· In the event of trigger levels being exceeded, initiate contingency measures set out in the MAP and

mobilize the Management Action Team as required, with full authority to stop work immediately.

· Be fully familiar with buildings, bridges, tunnels, other structures, anomalies, or assets in the vicinity

of the TBM and other construction works.

· Provide guidance and supervision for subcontractors and suppliers in instrumentation and

monitoring matters. In association with the commercial team, manage the I&M sub-contract

· Provide information and clarifications to external parties, other MWCC contracts, other works

package contractors and liaison with third parties and communities.

· Understand the Client and Joint Venture Partners' Environment and Sustainability Policies, Processes, and statutory requirements as they affect the company's operations and ensure that the requirements, as applicable within their discipline, are implemented on the project.

Required Qualifications and Skills

· A bachelor's degree in engineering or relevant scientific subject.

· Demonstrable previous experience of management, installation, implementation, operation, maintenance and removal of instrument monitoring systems on a major project of similar nature.

· Experienced in team management.

· Relevant CSCS Card.

· Adaptable and decisive, good self-management skills.

· Experience working in track environment (NR/LU) - preferred

· PTS Card (preferred)

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