Today’s Royal Air Force is the UK’s aerial, peacekeeping & fighting Force. It’s made up of individuals who come from diverse backgrounds working side-by-side to make a difference at home & abroad.

From weapons engineers to communication and electronic engineer officers, there are unrivalled opportunities for engineers in the RAF. Technical knowledge goes far beyond anything you would learn in a civilian apprenticeship, and will continue to grow throughout your career. You will be called on to deploy your skills in some of the world’s most high impact situations – from battle zones to humanitarian crises.

The RAF is recruiting now for both full time (regular) and spare time (reserves) roles. The RAF has more than 50 different Regular careers to choose from and more than 30 Reserves roles to chose from and will recruit around 3,000 people this year for regular service and more than 700 Reservists The RAF offers exciting credible careers for all, across all educational abilities.

Key Facts

Total Employees
approx 32,000

Annual UK graduate intake




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