Case Study - Rebecca

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RAF Aerosystems Engineering Officer







My Role

I am the Junior Engineer Officer, based at RAF Waddington and soon to be working with the RAF’s newest ISTAR asset; the Rivet Joint signals intelligence platform.

My role involves working with people a lot – the work provides variety every day, everyone is enthusiastic about their part and together we have a big effect. I can balance working with people and using technical knowledge every day, and I have a large amount of influence and responsibility. The travel’s good fun too.

As well as sponsoring my first degree, I have completed a BSc in Engineering Management using credits from the training courses I had to complete for my job, and was supported financially by the RAF as well.

My Day

I come in for 0730, get an update on any issues and fire up the computer. While that’s happening I have a cup of tea in the crew room with the shift in work. I prepare for meetings, take actions from them and update the overall plans for the Engineering output. There are often queries requiring quick answers, so I often find myself discussing the workings of the navigation system, for instance, before passing the information up the chain. When I have time to I go to the gym or the mess for lunch.

RAF Mini SIte Case Study - Rebecca